The Federal Difference


State-of-the-art design, compound and construction provide optimum road grip in wet and dry conditions while maintaining a quiet ride. The latest example is Federal’s Total Tyre-Tech Integration Concept (TTIC), a revolutionary 3-in-1 theory that combines breakthroughs in belt construction, bead reinforcement and tread to create stronger, safer tyres that optimise performance.

Complete Peace of Mind

Your customers can enjoy peace of mind knowing that great quality tyres are between them and the road every time they get behind the wheel. Federal Tyres offers a Lifetime Replacement Warranty on every Federal tyre in our range: this means that if your customers experience any manufacturing faults during the lifetime of the tyre (60 months from date of purchase or worn to 1.6mm of tread), we’ll replace it with a new one. See page 32 for full warranty information.

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