The Cooper Difference

With Cooper Tires you get the latest technology in tread design, carcass construction and compound formula for strength, safety, stability, performance and value for money.

Featured Cooper Range

Tested and Proven in Australia, and with a mileage warranty of up to 80,000kms. You get a tyre designed to go the distance and that’s what makes Cooper, Tyres worth owning.


Think about it like this. Cars have come a long way since they were first invented. They were hard to control and didn’t even have brakes. Although, cars are now a lot safer and more reliable than they were back then, we all know that there is a massive difference among car brands and models when it comes down to technology.

Well, just as with cars, not all tyres are the same they look similar but there is massive difference in technology and that matters. Your tyres are the single most important safety feature on your vehicle.

The latest tyre technology makes a massive difference to strength, stability, performance and value for money.

You can work out whether a tyre has the latest generation of tyre technology by looking at 3 key areas:


Like shoes, your tyres must suit the places you want to go. You wouldn’t wear hiking boots to work or business shoes to the beach.
Only Cooper tyres have the latest tread technology for maximum performance and up to 30.3% MORE tread depth than other leading brands.


A tyre’s carcass is like a house’s foundation. You need a strong foundation for the construction that goes on top.
Cooper has developed three different carcass constructions to match your specific requirements. Armor-Tek3, High Tensile Construction and R-Tech.


We all know the quality of plastics differs greatly - some plastics are brittle while others are strong and flexible. It’s the same with the quality of the compound in tyres.
Only Cooper tyres contain up to 4X MORE chemically-coupled silica across the range for maximum performance and grip in the wet.